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How It Works

For Brands
Joe runs Three Avocados, a non-profit coffee company. He uses Adproval to find influential customers eager to promote his business.
For Influencers
Cassie connects with friends and followers on her blog and social media. She uses Adproval to find new brands to try and promote to her audiences.
Brand Opportunities
Joe posts an Opportunity for Influencers to learn about Three Avocados and try their coffee!
Hp brand reviewopportunity
Cassie browses different brands in Adproval and applies to collaborate with Three Avocados.
Hp influencer iminterested
Cassie and 13 other Influencers apply to promote Three Avocados to their own friends and followers.
Hp brand interestedinfluencers
Cassie gets free Three Avocados coffee to try. She loves it and promotes it to her audiences.
Hp influencer contracttypes
Joe builds relationships with his new group of Influencers. When he has a new product ready for review or wants a boost on an announcement, he knows who to go to!
Hp brand influencers
Influencer Offerings
Cassie creates Offerings she has available to collaborate with brands on her blog and social media.
Hp influencer offerings
Joe searches the Adproval Marketplace for Influencers willing to try and honestly promote his company.
Hp brand searchmarketplace
Cassie gets notified that Joe wants to buy ad space on her blog and send her coffee to review. She knows her audience would love Three Avocados and approves!

No need to invoice - payment is automatically made, the ad automatically shows on Cassie’s blog, and both parties can easily manage their relationship in Adproval