Customer loyalty isn’t enough.

You need customer advocates.

Who are "Influencers"?

Influencers are authentic bloggers, social media mavens, YouTubers, and podcasters that advocate for your brand to their trusting audiences.

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How do Influencers help your brand?

Did you know that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their personal networks over all other forms of advertising?

This stat, according to a recent Gartner study, highlights why your brand needs your customers to be creating content that promotes your brand on their blog, social media, and video channels.

How do you find Influencers?

On your own, you can try and find Influencers through search engines or other databases, but that gets messy and time consuming quickly.

Influencers use Adproval because our software makes their lives a lot easier. So, we can use our base of Influencers in our Marketplace to identify the right Influencers for your brand easily.

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“Having a blast working with the Adproval Influencers, each of them has delivered in a unique and fun way.”

Rosemuniz Rose Muniz, Founder of Fit Snack


Why build relationships with Influencers?

Influencer Marketing is most effective when you build lasting relationships with Influencers. It keeps your brand top of mind whenever they are creating content. Adproval assists on both sides of building and managing relationships between your brand and the Influencers we connect you with.

How can you track Influencer promotion?

Q: How many interns does it take to manage an Influencer Marketing tracking spreadsheet?

A: Too many! : )

Good thing our software makes that easy, and our internal team is well practiced at tracking everything!

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It's time you get started.